Virtuino 6 is the new Virtuino platform upgrade.

One app for any type of connection.
The new Virtuino 6 release will include all current Virtuino Apps
The App Virtuino (ver 5.x.x) will be updated to the new release automatically on playstore.
The users of the apps Virtuino MQTT, Virtuino SE & Virtuino Modbus have to start using the Virtuino 6 app.
The next table shows how compatible the current platform apps are with the new Virtuino 6 app.



The apps Virtuino SE, Virtuino MQTT and Virtuino Modbus will stop being supported. They will be removed from playstore at the end of 2021 but they will be available to the users from the Virtuino web site. The users that have the pro version of these apps will get new licence for the Virtuino 6 pro version after contacting us or automatically.
The current Virtuino 5.0.x version will be available on Virtuino web site as different instance. The users will have to install this version only in case the new version is not compatible with their projects.

We strongly recommend to the current users to install the new Virtuino 6 Beta version and then test the projects.

For any incompatibility issues it is very important to contact to us.