Under normal circumstances the topics are determined by the project creator and can't be changed afterwards. There are though some cases where a Virtuino project addressed to different users and the topics contain information about the user or the device, for example the username or the device ID.

Many brokers support topics like


or username/sensorsname

or devicename/sensors

Virtuino 6 allows the user to enter a username or a device name or other text at the broker settings window and then it can add this text inside the topics that the project creator has determined to receive this text.

Once the project is received, the user must first enter the connection settings and another text which will be integrated in all topics.

In order for this to happen the project creator must enter the variable $topicID in the topic.

For example if a topic must have the form


The project creator will have to enter it as: $topicID/feeds/temperature 

and activate the setting:

Next the user should enter a text in the field: Topic label which will replace the variable $ topicID

If the user enters the text "virtuino" as an identifier, the topic that will eventually be published or subscribed will be