Virtuino Tutorial 01 : Bluetooth connection - Getting started

Tutorial description:

Enable or disable the Arduino board LED of pin 13 via Virtuino App using bluetooth connection.

The bluetooth modules HC-05 or HC-06 works perfecty with Virtuino


Step 1: Arduino connections

Connect the bluetooth module to Arduino board as the plan below:



Step 2: Install VirtuinoCM library to Arduino IDE software

a. Install VirtuinoCM library using the Arduino Library Manager

On Arduino IDE software go to Menu/Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries  to open the Library Manager

On the search line enter VirtuinoCM.

Install the Virtuino CM library


If you can't install the library using the library manager you can install the library manually using the links below:

VirtuinoCM library (zip file)


On Arduino IDE software go to Menu/Sketch/Include Library/Add zip library. Then load the library zip file


Step 3: Load the Bluetooth example sketch 

  1. Go to Menu/File/Examples/VirtuinoCM
  2. Select the example: Bluetooth_ex1_UNO_getting_started


On the code find the line


If your bluetooth module has different baud rate set the correct serial speed

The default baud rate of the HC-05 modules is 9600 bps

When you are ready connect Arduino board to a USB port  and upload the code


Step 4: Android device settings - Pair your bluetooth module

Go to your Android device Bluetooth settings

Enable bluetooth and wait until your device scans for other bluetooth devices nearby

Pair your Android device with Arduino bluetooth module. (The password is usally 1234)

These settings need to be executed once only


Step 5: Create the Virtuino project

Run Virtuino app