Virtuino is an HMI platform for IoT platforms, Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 and similar boards, MQTT brokers, PLCs and Modbus connections

Create amazing virtual screens to control any automation system via WiFi or Internet connection.




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Virtuino 6 vs Virtuino IoT

  Virtuino 6 Virtuino IoT
MQTT Yes Yes
Modbus Yes Yes
Html Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Not yet
Virtuino CM library Yes No
Virtuino Web Sockets No Yes
Multi connections Yes Yes
Variables 256 on device (V) + 256 on the app (M) 500 on device or on the app (V)
Dashboards Limited by the memory Unlimited
Price One time 10$ about One time 15$ about
OS Android Android, Windows, Linux, IoS, MacOS
Widget customization Customized Fully customized
Loading speed Slow Very fast
















The apps Virtuino MQTT and Virtuino Modbus will stop being supported. They will be removed from playstore but they will be available to the users from the Virtuino web site.