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How to activate the pro version on a second phone or after factory resetting
I bought the pro version some time ago.
Now I want to activate the pro version on a new device.
How can I do this?

By buying Virtuino 6 from playstore you can activate it to every device using the same account.
That means you can install the pro version to unlimited devices with a singe purchase.

If you have already purchased the app and you wish to activate it on another device (or on the same device after resetting)
you have to enter the same Playstore account as the one used to buy the app from playstore.

Then open the "Buy Virtuino" window and wait for a few seconds.
The app will check if the current account has bought the app and it will be activated automatically.

If you have any issue with the automatic activation, just click the "Buy Virtuino" button and wait for the reply.

You have to see the message "you are the owner of the app".
The Playstore prevents users from buying the same app twice using the same account

The users that have the app from Playstore don't need "Product ID" because they can activate the app using the Playstore account.

The "Product ID" is needed for users that have bought the app without Playstore.

If, after following the instuctions above, you are still facing issues with the app activation please contact us.

It is necessary to send us the Playstore invoice or the "Playstore Order ID" because we do not have access to the personal information of Playstore customers.


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