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Fixed axis for chart widget
For my coffee roaster I want to show the last 20 minutes of the temperature as a chart. Therefore I put a temperature sample to the data bucket every 3 seconds. I´m using the chart widget to show the temperature in the HMI. I want to use fixed y-axis for the temperature from 120...240°C instead of the auto ranging. How can I get this?
The x-axis should be 20 minutes always. The latest 20 minutes should be shown always. The customer should not be able to change x- and y-axis settings.
Is this possible somehow?

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you can't use 20minutes but you can use 15 or 30 minutes.
The customer can change this selection. It is not locked by the project creator.
Virtuino IoT charts give more freedom to the customers.

You can't use default limits to the Y-axis
I will try to fix these issues if it possible

Thank you!
Hello Iliaas,
the user should not be able to change the x-scaling. But most likely I will be the only user of the roaster so this is no big problem for me.
For the y-axis it would be great if you can add an option to fix the min max value.

Thank you for your great support !
Hello Iliaas,
do you have any update on this issue? As I already managed most of my problems, this is the one that is still on top of my wish list.
I think that the chart library that I use doesn't support this option.
But I will check it before the next update.
I will add it if it possible

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