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Topics and variables
This is a great start - especially the Windows version.

I'd like to suggest adding the ability to define variables whilst defining topics. I've just re-keyed in 80 topics (quite laborious, was hoping to import from Virtuino6). Then I find I can't do anything until I've repeated the laborious inputting of the topics as variables (no ability to duplicate there).

MQTT messages will very likely often want to be shown on dashboards, so could I suggest that at the end of defining a topic it should prompt if you want to use it to define a variable (using the same name as a default) - so all in one step?

Also the two bars at the side of the topics and variables sort of indicate that you can move the definition to a different position in the list, but it doesn't work.
Hi, I face the same issues with the topicsĀ on my projects.
I will try to make the topic adding easier.
I can't find the last issue. The moving inside the topic list works fine to me
Thanks, I must be doing something wrong when I move lines because it's only moves temporarily but is back where it was when I next load - both in Android and Windows.
I'll keep trying.

If I simply move an item to a different position then exit via the top left arrow, the change doesn't register. I found that you have to take the focus away from the moved item (click on a different one) before exiting, then it registers the change.

Second go:
Well, it worked once, but I can't get the move to stick. If I click the tick, it returns to its original position

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