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Possible 0.6.2 Bugs
Short version, on Windows 11:
1.) Any major changes to MQTT connection? Mine can no longer connect and appears to be stuck in a reconnection loop causing all of Virtuino to grind to a halt.
2.) Minimize, maximize, and close buttons seem to have disappeared. The close X will appear if you hover over it. The other two stay blank. However, all 3 buttons still function if you click in the designated area.

Long Version:
So loaded up Virtuino on my laptop and noticed it was super laggy. Like click something, then 5 seconds later you get a response. I've had some issues with one of my ESP's shutting down my network (long story) but thought I got that fixed last night. It was causing a similar lag issue. So I checked the webserial output for an errant ESP spamming the network, but all were acting normal. 

Next thought was, I wander if it auto updated and that's causing an issue. Got on your website and sure enough a new update. Back to the program, I had a red LED randomly flashing on my main page that never flashes. I actually forgot it's function haha. When I finally got the info to open, it was my MQTT connection status. I disabled my local MQTT server connection in Virtuino, reset, and viola, no more 5 second lag.

Admittedly, this could be a simple issue. I did a few day binge on MQTT protocol, setup a local server, my arduino mega, and Virtuino interface, but didn't quite finish it. I haven't touched it since and have forgotten most of what I learned. It isn't a big deal for me, I can just disable it, but just incase something deeper is going on I wanted to bring it to you attention. I attached the MQTT debug log where it shows the reconnection loop. 

Also, bugs aside, I always appreciate your work and couldn't live without your program. Literally run it 24/7 and is the only reason my carnivorous plant business stays a business. My ADHD ass kills plants, your software keeps them alive. So thank you just in general!

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on the web site there are all the previous versions.
To help me I would like you to tell me if any previous version works without this problem.
I don't have this issue with my brokers. The version 6.0.20 
Do you have the save issue with the version 6.0.18?
Just to reiterate (and set expectations) this was more a heads up rather than definitive problems. My MQTT knowledge is severely limited. There are a few widgets that connect to MQTT, but since the board isn't even hooked up, they just stay blank. I haven't even reset my server (gotta dig through files to remember what program I used lol) and that might be all that's required. Basically, I experienced the 5 second click to reaction lag, traced it to the MQTT reconnection loop, disabled it, no more lag, got on here and reported it. I wanted to report it JUST INCASE it was a bigger issue.

That being said, the program/connection was working fine in 0.6.18 before the auto update on my laptop. My desktop still has 0.6.18 and shows a healthy connection to the MQTT server (same copy of program on both machines). I don't have my laptop at the moment, but I will attempt to reset the MQTT server tonight and check on it tomorrow. 

Did you notice any issues with the minimize, maximize, and close buttons on your end?
the minimize, maximize, and close buttons works fine to me. I have tested with Windows 10.
Got to work on it some more (actually my desktop auto updated so I had too). I'm just throwing info at you to see if anything helps haha.

Quick one, appears to be a Windows 11 issue. Desktop is Windows 10 and they work fine. Laptop is Windows 11 and they are gone. Oddly, the open project window has the buttons, but as soon as it transfers to the main Virtuino program they disappear. See Screen Capture Video.

Exists on both Desktop & Laptop. The Mosquito MQTT server is ran on my desktop. Desktop Virtuino freaked out same way as Laptop when it tried to connect. I reset the MQTT server but problem persists. I do have MQTTX setup and it connects without issue. They aren't connected at the same time. 

I attached both debug files. Mosquitto MQTT Server is an attachment, Virtuino's has a link at the bottom.

Info That Might Help:
Of note, the debug files appear different on my desktop. The laptop can't connect as you saw from previous picture. The desktop connects, subscribes to all the topics, freaks out with the 1st received topic, attempts 2 and 3, then disonnects at 4. Not sure if relevant, but the received from topic command increases with a pattern. The number carries over and increases by 2 each cycle on the virtuino side. Here's each number (ignore the first 3) 1, 4, 9, 12, 20, 30 42, 56, 72, 90, 110. If you take the difference of each pair, you get 3, 5, 3, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

If important, the 3 topics + 4th failed sub/pub attributes:
1. ECTester_CTempSelected = Sub & Pub
2. ECTester_CTemp09 = Sub Only
3. ECTester_KV = Sub and Pub
4. ECTester_CTemperature = Sub Only

Remember the Arduino Mega is not active, so most topics never change. The 4th is potentially connected to a script, so I deleted that chain with no change in behavior.

Here is what I added to the Mosquitto config file when I setup the server:

"allow_anonymous true
listener 8001

log_dest file C:\Program Files\mosquitto\log\mosquitto.log
log_type all

persistence true
persistence_file mosquitto.db
persistence_location C:\Program Files\mosquitto\data\
autosave_interval 60"

@1710201556 in Mosquitto Debug shows server reset. Debug file starts today right before the update. It's long but repeating.

Tutorial I originally used to setup my server.

Virtuino Debug image would not upload (too large) so here's a link.

Anything else you need, let me know, and I'll see what I can find. I'm hoping this issue is remote since there haven't been extra replies. Thanks again.

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