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Android Starter Icon for each (multiple) Dashboards?

I'm new to Virtuino IoT. I love the app. (Just KNX interface is missing ;-)
I've been playing around with multiple Dashboards and I'd like to have an Starter-Icon for each Dashboard.

Until now I've just figured out that 1 Dashboard set to  "Auto load on startup" can be chosen.

How do you handle this situation:
a) By a Dashboard of Dashboard with links?
b) One Dashboard with multiple pages?
c) ... the "hidden" procedure, which I'm looking for?

Best regards,
you can select a dashboard using a button or automatically by Variable value.
Please check this video:
and this:

The "hidden" option works with the "Action" "Show Dashboard List" and the "Next", "Previous" functions
I made a wording mistake. 
I want to switch projects and also access different projects via multiple icon.

Is this somehow possible?
I am sorry no, you can't do it this.
You can switch  to other prohets using the "Projects Window". There is no other way

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