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BLE support on Virtuino IoT on iOS

For an Arduino project, we successfully displayed sensor information via a BlueTooth HC-06 interface on Virtuino 6 (using an old, off-line Android phone). Its awesome, and thank you for such a great tool!

Our problem is that the entire project team is using Apple iPhones. As you know, Virtuino 6 is not available on the Apple/iOS store, and there is no BlueTooth support with Virtuino IoT.

Is there a timeframe for adding BLE support to Virtuino IoT?  We would use an HM-10 or HM-11 BLE device.

Alternatively, is it possible to add a WiFi module to an Arduino board and use one of the other (Virtuino) connection options to get sensor data from our Arduino-based data collection hardware to an iPhone Virtuino dashboard without using any broadband connectivity?

Hi Jim,

I am sorry but there is no BLE support schedule.

I will need more about the second question. I can't understand it. Could you give me an example?
I am looking for a work around... if I can't use BlueTooth (with an Apple iPhone), can I use wifi without any broad band/Internet connection? 
Add a wifi device to my Arduino, and then use wifi to connect directly to the Virtuino IoT app on the iPhone to convey the sensor data (without any internet/broad band connectivity).
To you, the answer is obvious... to a novice like me, I'd have to read a lot of documentation or code to figure out the answer.
Hi, the app Virtuino IoT supports the Web Socket connection.
Using this connection type you can connect your phone imediatelly to the arduino device.
But this connection type is supported by the ESP8266 and ESP32 boards.
I don't have an example for arduino board with a wifi module connected to it.

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