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error when trying to buy the pro version
I try to buy the pro version through the application and there is an error,   

I want to have all the functionality of the application on Android and Windows
Hi, I know this issue.
I'm waiting for it to be fixed by Google.

--------------- How to get a product ID----------------

You can buy the app using PlayStore, AppStore,  Paypal  or Revolut.
You have to transfer:
15€ or 15$ for the Virtuino IoT app. (Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, Windows)

After the payment I will send you a product id to activate the app
I can't send invoice for no Playstore or AppStore payments

1. Paypal

NAME: Ilias Lamprou
IBAN: LT23 3250 0021 3398 1128

In all of the cases above you have to send me the receipt after the payment is made (email:
Then I will check the purchase and I will send you a product ID for activation in 5 different devices.
My friend Ecca Simone purchased one on December 16, 2023  8: 26 PM but nothing has arrived to date. ( 10 Euro)
Her credit card is  Master Card ****3973
Is it possible to have the activation key ?

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