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Wishlist: transparent button
I would like to see a button in transparent color, sizeable in width and height to use as an overlay of e.g. icon, label etc.

Hi Joe,
this feature is alredy supported.
Go to the "Button" settings.
Click the "Image Off" settings on the right.
On the color picker dialog set the transparency to zero.
Do the same with the "Image ON".
Thats all!
Hi Ilias,

I know how to make a button transparent. The problem is that a button widget is always set to Auto in height.

If I have e.g. a picture and want to put an overlay button on top, then above method mostly doesn't fit in size.

I think in this case the best solution is to change the default button image with a custom button image that has the same aspect ratio with the image or led.
You can create a transparent image with the correct aspect ratio.
That's what we called "from behind through the cold kitchen"

I will give it a try ...


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