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Text script or Json Creator. ???
can someone pls explain this tool.
I can't see any input variable.
How is this tool triggered ??

Sorry, found out myself. Didn't work as as expected - but then after restart of program ...

I'm working in a ESP network with many2many broadcast and had to send something like this:
Topic: EspNow/cmnd
Json: {"Sensor":"uf_heating","cmnd":1}

Created the following:
A switch with OnValue=1 and OffValue=0 stored in V50
A Tool "Test script or Json Creator" with Text '{"Sensor":"uf_heating","cmnd":$C3_V50.value}' sored in V51
Last a MQTT connection with Topic "EspNow/cmnd", Type "Pub-topic" and the Variable set on V51

What I've learned: If something doesn't work, try to restart the program.
Life can be so easy ;-)


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