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Write separate Bit
Hello,can i send from Virtuino to an PLC separate Bits ? 
Address Marker 1 = 1001
Addess Bit 0 = 1001.0 
od Address 1001.1 usw.

CU Martin
I need more information about this.
The script "Bit Converter" can extract a bit from a value and send it to a device.
I have a timer on my PLC (Eaton Easy E4) where the following inputs are required:
Channel 1: Selection of weekday byte flag 1/ bit 0-6 / also Address 1001.0 to 1001.6
Channel 2: Selection of weekday byte flag 2/ bit 0-6 / also Address 1002.0 to 1002.6
Switch-on and switch-off times with marker words 
Modbus TCP-IP

Many greetings from Germany

Ich habe auf meiner PLC (Eaton Easy E4) eine Schaltuhr wo folgende Eingaben benötigt werden:
Kanal 1:Auswahl Wochentag Byte Merker 1/ Bit 0-6 /  also Adresse 1001.0 to 1001.6
Kanal 2:Auswahl Wochentag Byte Merker 2/ Bit 0-6 / also Adresse 1002.0 to 1002.6
Ein- und Ausschaltzeit mit Merkerworten
Modbus TCP-IP

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

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I think you can write to these addresses using the function 6.
In this case you can use the "Bit Converter".

1. Create a Modbus Variable for the address 1001 using the necessary byte format.
2. Add seven switches to control the Emulator variables V0-V6
3. Add seven "Bit Converter". Select as input the Variables V0 to V6 of the Emulator 
Select as output the same Modbus Variable for all "Bit Converter" scripts . This is the Variable for the address 1001.
Select a bit from 0 to 6.
Enable the "Bydirectional" check box.
Input type "Integer"

Now every time you change te button states the app will send a number to the Modbus address. The number will be created by the bit of the button states

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