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Value Display --> Enable If

Value Display --> Enable If

How does the "Enable If" function work?
I tried to activate it, but it has no effect.
"Visible If" works fine.


the "Enable if" option enables or disables the "on click" or "on long click" option.
The "on click" option is used to activate an "Action".
When the "Enable if" is false  you can't use the "Value display" as button to enable an "Action"
Now I understand.
A function similar to "Visible If" would be useful.
This function would turn off only the displayed value and leave the display on.
Currently "Visible If" disables the entire display.

Other problem.

When for some reason there is no connection with the ModBus server, all displayed values freeze. I think that in this situation, the displayed values should turn off the same way when I click on the Diskonnect icon. You can see this effect in the video.

Hi Darek,

I am sorry but it is not possible something like this.

In this case the solution is to display a red message like "Connection Lost".
You have to use the "Connection Status" to do this.

The other way is to display the last value update time (like "5 minutes ago") on the bottom of the value.
And is there a possibility to add a function that would turn off the display of values?

The display itself would still be visible.

I think you can do it using a Widget Frame instead of the ValueDisplay frame.
In this case the Widget Visible if will be the same with Value Visible if
Of course I can do that. But with complex projects where you would need to make such frames, for example, 100, this method will be very troublesome. 
I am currently using 87 value displays. The "Blank If" function could be used to blank the value, for example after the LAN connection is broken.

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