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New Widgets?
Great job, app looks very promising.
Is there any intention to add new Widgets?
Multistate Led and Multistate Text would be very welcome.
I don't intend to add these widgets because I have added the "Visibility" option on the widget settings.
Using this ability the user can emulate these widget types.
For example you can add more than one image widgets at the same position. 
By changing the visibility value you can visible one of them each time.
Of course you can do the same witht he "Text" widget.
I will make a video tutorial about this feature soon
Hi there.

These are some of the great features in the widgets, and they are easy to use if you have experience, but if you don't, then you should start the Promo Preply updated courses to get more information about the widgets' features. My younger brother is taking online classes to learn about widgets.

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