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Virtuino IoT - MQTT Variables

I am making a project where I have multiple ESP8266 devices with multiple topics connected to only one MQTT connection.

MQTT topics are increasing so MQTT variables also.

I have made a test creating a variable superior to V99, for instance V101, then I assigned a topic to this variable but MQTT communication do not work.

Can I only work with variables from V0 up to V99 in a MQTT connection?

In my project I need more than 100 variables for a MQTT connection. Is it possible?

I am working with HiveMQ broker without user and password for the moment.

Virtuino IoT supports 500 variables for the MQTT connection.
After this message I have checked again. The publish or subcribe to HiveMQ works fine to me.
Which is your Virtuino IoT version? 
Please check it using the latest version 0.5.13 because there was a related bug earlier.
Could you post more information about this issue?

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