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About : version number
Hello Ilias
As far as I see, I dont find any revision number in IoT for windows
Am I wrong ?
So I reinstall everything may be with no need ..
You could add and  About in the menu
Hi Fred,
I am sorry but I can see the version number on the About window.
Could you help us to find this issue?
hello Ilias
the About was hard to find ! cliking in the logo
Adding a menu entry would be more clear
But I still not have any rev number in the window ....
[Image: 52syNJD]

Adding image in the forum s difficult ...
Hi Fred,

there are two different "About" windows in the app.
This is the "About" window of the project, not of the app. It is something like "Project Information"
This window can be configured by the project creator from the project settings window.
You can add you logo, name and company info in this window.
On the "locked" mode only this "About" window can be displayed. 
If you want to share your project, you can add the version of your project in this window. 
Hello Ilias
Ok understood, that's make sense but I am not on a locked project
This is on Windows
I have the unlock icon and this is the project I edit on Windows for my Android
Unless thereis another About boxe somewhere ...
[Image: 2023-03-08-063901.jpg]

[Image: 2023-03-08-064008.jpg]

yes, while the project is unlocked go to the main screen -> Click the bottom menu -> click About
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Well hidden !!!
Thanks  Ilias

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