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Sharing projects between Android and Windows
1) Sharing project from Android to Windows:

I made a project named TEST on Android:
Then --> Project Manager --> TEST --> ... --> "Export Project" --> Choose a folder, for instance, "Download" an the project was exported.
Go to the folder "Download", choose the project "virtuino_xxxxxxxxx.vr7" and send by e-mail.

Now, work on Windows 10 machine:
Open e-mail --> download the project --> open Virtuino Iot on Windows --> Project Manager -->  Import Project --> select the project and import.

The project generated on Android is now ready to be used or modified on Windows, OK.

2) Sharing project from Windows to Android:

I made  another project named TEST 2 on Windows:

Then --> Project Manager --> TEST 2 --> ... -->No "Export Project" option at the moment on Virtuino IoT for Windows

However, there is another way:
On Windows -->File Explorer --> My documents --> Virtuino --> select the project (if you do not know which is, just open one by one until you find it)
Go to your e-mail -->> new e-mail --> attach the desired file project  located on: My documents/ Virtuino/ virtuino_xxxxxxxx and send it
Go to your android device --> open the email --> download the project and identify the folder (for instance "Download")
Open Virtuino IoT on Android --> --> Project Manager -->  Import Project --> select the project and import.

The project generated on Windows TEST 2 is now ready to be used or modifed on Android, OK.

Please, tell me if I am right.
yes this is right the way.
The option share is not available on Desktop versions because the stored folder is the "User/Documents".
On the mobile versions the user doesn't have access to the project folder because the app uses the internal storage disk.
I think this is what creates the confusion.
I think sharing by email is too much fuss so when I develop my Virtuino app on Linux Mint, I copy the file to an USB memory stick, then insert the stick in an USB-on-the-go adapter and put it in my various Android devices and import it to Virtuino. Still a bit off fuss but it is fairly quick...

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