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HiveMQ private > No connection
Thanks for the really good job
I play around the Virtuino IOT on my PC
While connection with the Public HiveMq is ok, I cant connect to my private cluster
I have a RED cloud on top left (even if it say CONNECTED in the servers menu)
I set a Status variable, with a result of 3, but dont find any clue on what it means
I try with Server side certificate or file certificate
My credentials are good of course
Any idea on what could be wrong ?
Any log somewhere to get server response ?
Sorry for the image, inserting seems not working so the link


I have checked. I can connect with the follow options:
port: 8883
Username: ilias
password: 1234567890
Encryption: CA signed server certificate
Please check these options
I use the Windows 0.4.0 version
Hello Ilias
Worked with yours
doesnt work with mine
I recreated a new cluster
working !
I shift to the old cluster
Working also !!!

Dont know whre was the problem ...
Thanks !

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