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animated gif
probably I didn't read it - it is possible to add to the custom image, image as  animated gif . Works and looks great !

Idea: maybe you could create a library of images for widgets available to all VIRTUINO users for saving and downloading?
I am not sure if I can enter animated gif in the widgets. 
I will check it.
On the version 0.3.0 I have already added a cloud library to Virtuino.
There are four packages at this time for the beginning. I hope volunteers will be found to enrich it.
Open the "Image widget" settings. Click on the image. Then go to the tab "Custom"
Click the "Download" button on the bottom-right
I can add an animated gif and it works

I see 5 libraries - the question is how can I add my own widgets to the cloud?

I am very glad this feature is supported.
I hadn't tried it.

I am not sure if the automatic uploading from the users is a good thing to allow.
You have to create a package of images. Follow the instructions below

1. It is better the images should be in png images.
2. The application has the ability to change the white color and the light shades to the selected color.
    So a monochrome image should be white. Light colored images can accept color change
3. The background should be transparent
4. Τhe size in bytes should be as small as possible. 
5. Recommended dimensions are from 256 to 512pixels

Then send me:
a. The images
b. The package name
c. The creator name
d. A short description

I will upload the package manually. Αll users will have access to these images

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