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Modbus TCP/IP stops working after receiving an exception response
When working with a Modbus TCP/IP connection, once an exception response is received from the Modbus server, the Virtuino IoT client will stop working and not send any more requests!

For example, after I enter a value and send a Write Single Register (function code 0x06) request to the Modbus server, if the server returns any exception response (function code 0x86), then the Virtuino IoT client will stop working and will not send any more requests.

Virtuino 6 will work fine in this case. Is it possible to have Virtuino IoT continue to send requests normally after receiving an exception response?
thank you for this information.
I will check it and I will let you know
I have some changes on the version 0.4.0 in order to fix this issue.
Please can you check it and update this post?
This issue does not occur anymore. Thank you.

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