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Slow app since 0.1.0
My app is very slow since ver 0.1.0
I had no troubles at all with previous versions (0.0.19 and below). I updated regularly my versions since 0.0.12

But now, when I change screens (linked with a button), the app wait few seconds before displaying the new screen. And I work with the very same W10 computer since (i5/12gb ram). Even when I click the 3 menu buttons, the delay can be as high as 10 seconds, just to display the main menu.

When I create a new project (with one screen, one button), the speed is ok.

Any clue ?

I can send you my present project through email if you want to look at it.
Hi, yes I want to check this issue.
Please send me the project to see this issue. 
The speed is very important issue for me.

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