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Value display multiplier and script organization

I would need to add a multiplier to some variables shown on the value displays.
I saw that on Virtuino 6 it can be done (you can add an offset and the multiplier), is it possible to add the function here too?

I prefer not to use the math script because my project is quite complex and there are already many scripts.
In this regard, is it possible to add some system to organize the various scripts instead of keeping a long list that becomes confusing after a while?
I thought that a system of folders and subfolders that the user can create according to his needs can be suitable.

Thank you very much!

thanks for your suggestions!

If I add the multiplier to the "Value display" then I should also import it into the "Gauge" and "Linear Gauge".
This option will make the widgets more complicated for the new users.
I have already added enough options on the next update

I can't add the script organizer. it's not that important. There are other matters at present that need to be completed.
I am sorry!

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