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How to connect Virtuino IoT to Arduino or ESP without MQTT

How to connect Virtuino IoT to Arduino using ethernet shield or ESP8266 without MQTT.
The connection Virtuino IoT + Arduino with ESP8266-01 is not supported

The app supports a new protocol based on Web Sockets.

I have examples for ESP32/ESP8266 only because I can't find an example or library for Ethernet shield and web sockets.
Every board that can work as a Web Socket server can communicate with Virtuino IoT.
The communication doesn't need a Virtuino library. All the code is in the example sketch. It is very easy for the users to modify the sketch if  they want to support another arduino board.

These are my examples for the web socket connection:

If anyone else can find a sketch for the Ethernet shield and Web Socket connection, please update this post

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