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How to activate using product ID after purchased
I have made a purchased on 14 Aug2022, order no: GPA.3379-4000-86059. I have tried to activate using this order no but failed.

I have checked, the purchase is valid.

The activation is automatic.
The Pro version has been activated after purchase.
As long as the version is in beta you will continue to see the "beta" indicator in "About" window and the app will work as "pro"
After the release of the regular version you will only see the indicator "pro".

If after the release of the regular version the pro version is not enabled please enter a new reply to this post.

For now it is possible you see the message "The pro version has not been activated" in the "Buy" window.
Please ignore this message, I will fix it on the next update.
tardes yo tambien compre la buena version pro pero en la aplicacion aparece beta.
Número de pedido:  GPA.3323-0877-5818-78793

Fecha del pedido:  24 abr 2022 8:02:54 p. metro. GMT-5

quedo pendiente 

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while the beta version is enabled you will see the "Buy" option in the menu.
When app version 0.0.19 is available you should see the app as activated.
Otherwise press the "buy" button again and the application will be activated again.
Ignore this message for now. The app is running as "pro"

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