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Script & Tools integration problem
Greetings Ilias!

In first I would like to ask an off-topic question. I owe Pro license on Android Virtuino-IOT. How can I share this license with my Windows 11 based Microsoft Store downloaded Virtuino-IOT, if it is possible at all?
Now about the instant issue. I have an "Value Display" widget, which grabs the data from a given tag/value pair on ESP32. This data represents the machine running in minutes. I would like to represent this data in hours, recalculated on the fly, on phone app. I add Script widget where out=x/60, where the x is an input from device, the out is a variable in emulator. The widget's edit menu's "Action" section does not provide desired binding of generated script and Value display. By the way, "Run Script" command has "Tag" field, which is not available in Script & Tools section.

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Script & Tools integration problem - by Araqel - 03-26-2024, 04:36 PM

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