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New date and time display widget (V 0.1.0)
I tried to add a time widget on my project.

I was able to do so with an "old" Virtuino modbus because there was a V6 - Time(ms) emulator variable to use for
With the new Virtuino Iot Windows version, I fought the app without positive results.



Can you show us a way to build this ? A set of instructions is ok, no need for a video.


I found something randomly to validate that function: I choose a variable that changes all the time (in this case my modbus communication status). Is it the way to set that function: a regularly updated variable ?


each Virtuino Variable contains the "value" and the "value update date".

If you want to display the last updated date of the value add a "Date -Time Display"
On the "Input" drop down menu select "Value update date"

If you want to display the system time, you have to copy it to a Variable.
Go to the "Background tasks", add  a "Device sensor".
On the "Type" drop down list select "System clock time stamp" 
Select the Variable V0.
Now the value of the Variable V0 will be the system timestamp.

On the dashboard add a "Date -Time Display". Select type "Value" because now the value contains the timestamp  

I hope to help you
(11-17-2022, 10:38 PM)iliaslamprou Wrote: > I hope to help you

Of course, it helps a lot !

Thank you Illias

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