Virtuino SE Tutorial: Communication with ESP8266 or ESP32 module




Before running this tutorial you have to have already installed the ESP8266 or ESP32 boards to Arduino IDE software



Download the following example:

Unzip and load the example to Arduino IDE software



Configure the example code

1. Enter the name (SSID)  and password of your WiFi network to the code


2. Enter an IP address for your ESP module

The IP has to have the same three first numbers with your router IP

For example if your router IP is select an IP like




Connect the ESP board to usb port of your PC



1. Select your ESP board and the correct port.

2. Upload the example

3. After the uploading open the serial monitor. Press the reset button of the board and check the serial monitor.

You have to see the following lines. The second line will be the IP of your module

WiFi connected



Run Virtuino SE app