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Value Recorder not creating or writing to .vrc file
Device is Galaxy S7, Android 12, UI 4.1.  I have tested this both with built in emulater v1 random data and with An 3xternalmodbus server.  I have checked app file permissions for virtuino modbus and confirmed file write access.  For virtuino6 I don't see file acc3ss in the app permissions.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or has anyone identified a fix?
После настройки регистратора надо перезапустить сервер.
Но есть проблема - регистратор пишет данные только по изменению значения.
А вот по этой проблеме вопросу к разработчикам, если я хочу, чтобы данные записывались через промежуток времени и данные при этом не изменялись, то регистратор не записывает данные.
We do have continuously changing data for our testing and have restarted the server after setting up the "value recorder" settings.  

We have repeated the test on Android 11 with UI3.1 and verified that the "value recorder" is working perfectly.  
There is clearly some sort of an issue specific to Android version 12.  

Perhaps it has to do with file access permissions.  For Virtuino Modbus we have set file access permissions from "settings", "apps" and then "app permissions", "files and Media" to "allow management of all files" and still have the issue.  For Virtuino6 the files and media permissions is not available.
It's not a bug, it's a forced change
after version 6.0.09 the google app policy does not allow the app to access the device's external drive where the files were stored until then.
The change was necessary. 
The old file manager was removed and the default device file manager was used. All log files are now located internally on the device.
This means that the user should keep backups of these files in another location.
Now the app doesn't ask for permissions because it can't even access the files folder.

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