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Message email
Hello. I can't send a message to Email. error in sending email. Everything is written in the message settings. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

The google policy doesn't allow to the app to use the gmail service.
Please follow these instructions:
Hello. So nothing happened with sending to Email. From Virtuino MQTT with the same settings, sending works fine, but from Virtuino 6 it doesn’t send.
The code is exactly the same.
I think this happens because the MQTT version uses the API level 29. 
Google policy has changed on the API level 31.
I can't upload the Virtuino 6 app using an older API.
Starting in November 2022, app updates must target API level 31 or above
This is the reason that I have stopped to support the gmail on Virtuino IoT.
Thanks for the help. The application is very good. I just didn't want to load the ESP with extra code.

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