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Data from Date-Time-Display
I use the Date-Time-Display, i connected from a Http-Connection, this Data sec, min, ....  is usefull for other thing in a prg
Can i put the HH MM SS in 3 variable`?
yes you can do it using the Script "Date Converter" three times.
Go to the "Output settings"
Select for the output one Variable.
Date Format: Custom
Custom format: mm   or  HH or  SS only
Thankyou for the answer,
no Input Variable ?

i try 
input Variable: nothing, Input Value, Date Format-> Custom, Customformat ss

Output Variable: (Sekunde aus EchtZeitUhr), Date format Custom, Custom ss

Then i place a Value Display on Dashboard with Variable (Sekunde aus Echtzeituhr)

But nothing is there in the Value Display

I found it out
Input Variable equal Pin from Input Variable from realtime Clock pin, Input -> Value update date, Custom ->ss
Output Variable-> (Sekunde aus Realtime Clock) in Emulator one Variable , Date format -> Custom, Custom format -> ss

Thankyou for your time, Best Regards

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