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I need to subscribe to a mqqt topic where I don't know in advance a part of it, because it is part of the serial number of the installation.

So for example if the topic is

In node-red I can use the wildcard '+' to jump a level, te example before will be:

How can I do in Virtuino IOT?

Hi, I am sorry but you can't do it.
It is very difficult for the application to handle such situations. 
In this case all values from the topic will send to the same variable.
I can add the ability to have all the values from a topic like one/two/+/charge/volt go into a variable but I don't know how useful that would be
Hi Ilia, 
Thanks. I appreciated your answer. 
I understand your point.
You know, you are like a wizard for me, sometimes you solve my problems in minutes ?, that's why I asked. 

Thanks anyway for your incredible job.

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