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Alarm can't be saved
I want to activate an acustic alarm when a variable has a certain value. Therefore I selected the correct variable and compare with == 2. Next I selected the needed sound file. Then I clicked on the ok marker in the top of the window, but nothing happens. If I try to leave the window a box is shown asking if I want to save before. But whatever I tried I can't save the alarm.
I see the same behavior in the iOS and the Android version of Virtuino ioT. I'm quite sure that this worked in the Android version some weeks ago. But now it does not work anymore for me. Can someone double check the alarm feature please.

I have checked on a new project. It works fine. I use the latest version 0.0.19
Please create a new project and then check again.

This is my test
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I started my project from zero again and now it works as expected. 
In your answer you wrote that you are using V0.0.19 but my latest versions on Android and iOS are 0.0.18 instead. Is 0.0.19 already released in the Stores or how can I get it?

you can download the latest versions from here:

Android version from here

I have the same problem. In one project everything is ok, but in another it doesn't work. ( Android 11 )

The problem comes when we start a project on windows,  then continue working on android.
Finally, I found this bug.

It happens in project that have created of the firsts Virtuino beta versions.

The best solution is to delete this project and create a new project.

Of course I will fix it on the next update.

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