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Message email - roman8068 - 05-17-2022

Hello. I can't send a message to Email. error in sending email. Everything is written in the message settings. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

RE: Message email - iliaslamprou - 05-17-2022


The google policy doesn't allow to the app to use the gmail service.
Please follow these instructions:

RE: Message email - roman8068 - 05-18-2022

Hello. So nothing happened with sending to Email. From Virtuino MQTT with the same settings, sending works fine, but from Virtuino 6 it doesn’t send.

RE: Message email - iliaslamprou - 05-18-2022

The code is exactly the same.
I think this happens because the MQTT version uses the API level 29. 
Google policy has changed on the API level 31.
I can't upload the Virtuino 6 app using an older API.
Starting in November 2022, app updates must target API level 31 or above
This is the reason that I have stopped to support the gmail on Virtuino IoT.

RE: Message email - roman8068 - 05-19-2022

Thanks for the help. The application is very good. I just didn't want to load the ESP with extra code.