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version 0.2.0 crash tablet - Dudu - 12-30-2022

With the new version of Iot 0.2.0 It can not open on my cheap tablet
it is ok on my cheap phone ( android 9 (April 2021)

I got andoid 9 (march 2020) on my tablet  but can not upload to newer version 
It is opening until the Project manager page and then it crash
too sad !
I made lot of reboot ,desinstallation etc ...
Can you help me,please ?

RE: version 0.2.0 crash tablet - iliaslamprou - 12-30-2022


I have checked on Android 8.1 and Android 9.
Could you send me a video? 
The chash is before you select a project or after selection?
In this case you have to send me the project file you try to open

RE: version 0.2.0 crash tablet - Dudu - 12-31-2022

Well everything is fine
I have made a factory  reset on my tablet and it is ok now with Virtuino
i have upload my project
I can not live without Virtuino now !!
Thank you anyway