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problem with symbol of degree - spidgrou - 11-10-2022

I’m reading from local MQTT a JSON value:
{"longitude":"E 177°11.308","latitude":"S   17°46.304"}
I found some problem to show the character degree as you can see in the picture attach.

Any suggestions?

RE: problem with symbol of degree - Gunner - 11-10-2022

Not really a solution, but based on some Googleing I found this link that states "The problem is being caused by UTF-8 bytes being interpreted as Windows-1252 (or ISO 8859-1) bytes"

I supose you could bandaid the issue by removing the degree symble from the source, if able.  Or else await the developer confirming if the display widget is the cause, or something else.

RE: problem with symbol of degree - iliaslamprou - 11-15-2022

it's really a very important issue.

I worked hard to fix this issue. I added the appropriate encoder so that it displays correctly.
You will need to wait for the next update at the end of November 2022.

Thanks for this information.