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iOS/PadOS Virtuino IoT Purchase - Alex - 10-21-2022


Noticed that on iOS side purchese of Pro version is not working or either restore purchase. When clicking these sections nothing happening on version 0.0.18.
Also on widget level 2 Chart widgets seems broken as database can't be linked to view values on chart.
Can this be fixed?

RE: iOS/PadOS Virtuino IoT Purchase - iliaslamprou - 10-21-2022

Hello, thank for the bugs.
I will try to fix the purchase issue soon.
I can't find the second issue. Could you help me more?

RE: iOS/PadOS Virtuino IoT Purchase - Alex - 10-24-2022

Thank you to take a look on this. 

Second issue is probably more like how to work with ThingSpeak chart. As there is option to use some specific variable but when I choose one of my ones it doesn't show anything. So I believe that there should be some sort database behind that variable where from chart takes values, but I can't find where to select database.

RE: iOS/PadOS Virtuino IoT Purchase - iliaslamprou - 10-24-2022

the "ThingSpeak chart" uses the cloud database of the Thingspeak channel.
1. Create a "Thingspeak connection. Enter the channel ID and the "Readapikey" if it is needed
2. Then add a "ThingSpeak chart". On the variable settings select one variable between V1-V8 of the "ThingSpeak" connection.
These variables can get data from thingspeak fields.
3. Connect 

4. On the chart menu select the period of data you want to display

if you don't make it I will send you a Video