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Full Version: Problem on publishing greek characters to MQTT server
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Ilia, congratulations on the excellent work you have done with the Virtuino application.
I am facing an issue when I publish a greek string to a mqtt server topic through your application. The Greek letters that the pop-up editor sends in the value display widget, are probably sent with incorrect encoding. For example, when I write "hello" on the popup and and send it, it appears as in the following image in the value display and the same appears in the corresponding server topic (I tried hivemq and thingspeak). Subscribe topic reads from server, appears normally if I write the Greek word with another mqtt client. So the problem is in the sending.
Thanks in advance.
I have checked this issue. 
It will be fixed on the next update (0.6.22)
Thank you for the appreciation and for bringing this issue to my attention. It seems like there might be an encoding problem when sending Greek strings through the Virtuino application to MQTT servers. This could be causing the display issue you're experiencing on platforms like HiveMQ and ThingSpeak.

To resolve this, we may need to adjust the encoding settings within the application to ensure Greek characters are sent correctly. Alternatively, checking the encoding compatibility between Virtuino and your MQTT server settings could help identify and fix the issue.

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