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Full Version: Arduino auto reboot if network connection is lost / check connection ?
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Hello there,
I use virtuino UNO+esp01 for remote control of relays, valves and pressures...

One of my UNO seems to be in a bad environment with electromagnetic interferences (I tried to limit them but I fail...), so I often lose connection. I've added a watchdog to the code, but it has no effect.

It seems that the UNO doesn't crash, but loses connection with the ESP01.
Is there a simple way to check the wifi connection in the arduino code, equivalent to "wifistatus", and "auto" reboot the ESP01 or reboot the arduino UNO (like I am doing now with a tuya plug...)?
How can I implement "AT+CIPSTATUS" or "AT+PING" in the loop code to check the connection and reboot the UNO card?
Thanks for your ideas!
it is better you ask this question to the Arduino forum.