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Full Version: Bugs in Version 6.0.34
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Hi, I wanted to inform you about some bugs found in Virtuino 6.0.34:

1. Disabled state of for example buttons doesn't work as expected. I wanted to disable certain button when esp device is on standby. So I thought that it's state should be reflecting this standby mode of my esp. When I push power off button (esp V4 set to 0) I expect that my other button can't pressed anymore (in it's settings I used arduino emulator memory variable M0 and a value for disabled state is 0). Unfortunately, even if M0 is actually 0, button can be still pressed. This situation happens ONLY when first time connected to server and esp V4 is set to off (which means that M0 is already 0 on app start). After pressing power button (esp V4 set to on), M0 is changing it's value to 1, another power button press (V4 set to off) sets M0 to 0 and THAT actually stops this other button to respond to presses. 
It really is a strange, unexpected behavior, as if option memory variable to hide or disable the widget is just ignored if such Memory pin value doesn't change.    I was able to set slider to properly react to M0, when after server connection and main power button is off, slider can't moved (like it should). In the same time just for testing purposes I'm adding button and set it the same way as a slider to react with disabled state when M0 is 0, the button still reacts to pushing, while slider won't.     Example - arduino emulator M0 = script (x*y)

         arduino emulator M4 = 0
         arduino emulator M5 [x] = 1
         esp V4 [y] = 0 or 1

2. Virtuino APP doesn't really finish it's activity when after using exit option from it's menu or double clicking back button on the phone. It is still running in background UNTIL I swipe app right preview in android. It's easy to spot, when using mqtt server after exit another start of virtuino, it can't connect to mqtt server constantly being kicked out by server and further reconnect attempts will be disconnected also.

Another easy way to spot that Virtuino is running after exit is that in my example I'm using webview on one of the panels and it's constantly downloading iptv camera view. After using exit option, I see that on my phone's home screen status toolbar is showing considerable network usage. Only swiping background app preview will kill the app.
Any acknowledgment from developer on mentioned bugs?
I am sorry for the delay,
about the first issue I would like to see a video.
I'm not sure I understand the problem.
For the second issue:
What is your android version? 
I don't have this issue on Android 14.