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Full Version: Hang up after long run
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Dir Sir,
I am running a Virtuino 6 project with 8 recordings every second.
I am only using the 5 min time scale for the charts.

In the evening every thing was running fine, but tne next morning the app was slowed down to hang up.
After I delited the recoding files manualy, the app did run perfect again.
Can you please make a modification to the code, so the data will be delited automaticaly after 30 minutes?

I am using two "Xiaumi Redmi 9A" for my project and the only version that will run on those is " virtuino_6_0_08_smk.apk "
I did try all the other versions on your webside, they dont work.
Please create a special update based on that version.

Kind regards
Martin Klawon

the minimum time for data delayting is 1 hour.
Please check the attached image.

What is the Android version of the Redmi Note 9A?
Dear Sir,
Thank you for reply.
Setting to 1h is suficient.
The Android version I am using is:  10 QP1A.190711.020

Kind regards