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Full Version: plug socket 230V controlled by Virtuino
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I am searching for a plug socket which is controlable by Virtuino.
It should have energy tracking integrated.

Does somebody know an existing plug&play product?

I just know such plug sockets which use some chinese app/cloud,

Thanks in advance for help :-)
More detailed description of what i am searching for.
A plug socket (for example link below) which can be (easily) integrated to virtuino (switch on/off and showing energy consumption).

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Is there really no existing solution available?

BR Stefan
you can use S26 Sonoff plug
with the new version of plug it is more simple to solder the wire

Find Tx:Rx 3.3v Gnd

and upload

You have a spare pin to add Pir or Ds18B20 or ....

No OTA; it is too small