How modify Virtuino library to support more than two decimal places


Step 1:

Open the virtuino library .cpp file of the library that you use (bluetooth, esp8266 or ethernet)
then put this function in the file
String floatToString(double number, uint8_t digits) {
 String  s;
 if (number < 0.0){
    number = -number;
 double rounding = 0.5;
 for (uint8_t i=0; i<digits; ++i) rounding /= 10.0;
 number += rounding;
 unsigned long int_part = (unsigned long)number;
 double remainder = number - (double)int_part;
 if (digits > 0) s+='.'; 
 while (digits-- > 0){
   remainder *= 10.0;
   int toPrint = int(remainder);
   remainder -= toPrint; 
 return s;


Step 2: 

Make these changes to this part of the code
disable the old line as the  example and put the following new line
response =bt_COMMAND_START_CHAR+String(activeCommandType)+pinString+"="+floatToString(virtualFloatMemory[activeCommandPin],6)+bt_COMMAND_END_CHAR;
You can't make these changes to all .cpp files (bluetooth, esp8266,ethernet) but only on one each time
Then save the file and compile.